APSOCECAT - Associació Catalana pro Persones amb Sordceguesa

Página web:https://www.apsocecat.org/

Teléfono: 93 331 73 66

Correo electrónico: coordinaciO@apsocecat.org

Dirección postal:
Carrer Leiva 2D local. 08014, Barcelona

Ámbito / Especialidad:

Breve descripción:
APSOCECAT is an organization made up of all ages people suffering Deafblindness, as well as their families. We eagerly seek, propose and turn into reality the  best available opportunities for personal and social  development. The most relevant issue in the Catalan Association for People with Deafblindness -APSOCECAT is:

  • To help deaf-blind people to live an independent, successful and socially integrated   life
  • To be a support for families and make it easier for them to use sign language
  • To arrange the presence of guides-communicators and mediators to enable communication and social participation.
  • The promotion of employment , occupational and residential opportunities appropriate to the capabilities of each person.
  • That the Administration take the pertinent economic, health , attendance and educational measures.

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