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Teléfono: 654 73 66 73

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Casa das Asociacións de Bienestar Social (CABES) c/ Manuel María, nº 6. 15705 Santiago de Compostela

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The association Tiresias Galicia, Visual Disability:B1+B2+B3, is the only organization in Galicia that offers support to any visually impaired person, regardless their disability level.

Breve descripción:
  The association Tiresias Galicia was born with the aim of helping people suffering from visual impairment and their environment, through the promotion of appropriate means of mediation with public authorities, official agencies and and other groups or associations (neighbourhood, cultural, non-governmental organizations) linked in some way to people suffering from visual impairment, in order to guarantee their attention and improve the real integration of this collective within society, in accordance to values like cooperation, solidarity, human dignity and social justice, because the invisibility suffered by visually impaired people is an avoidable tragedy that we, as a society, cannot tolerate because physical suffering, can never become social suffering.   The visions of the mediator Tiresias, inspired many people to solve their problems and overcome their difficulties. Tiresias, in spite of his blindness, led people with his wisdom and judgment. This mediating spirit is the one that our association wants to implement through the different activities that we carry out, because the effective inclusion of the visually impaired , is a resource that will return into our society, making the world a better place.

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