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Teléfono: 984 193 765. 984 840 330

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Asociación Es Retina Asturias c/ Méjico esquina Chile 12 – bajo 33011 Oviedo – Asturias

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The association Es Retina Asturias was inscribed in the register of association of the Principality of Asturias on 30 November 1989. At first we were the Asturian Association of Retihinosis pigmentosa, and from 2010 on, we were called Retina Asturias. Currently our name is Association Es Retina Asturias and we have a state scope action.   On March 5, 2013, the Ministry of Home Affairs recognized the Public Utility of our association, being this one of the highest honors our association can receive, rewarding in this way the work that we have performed over these years thanks to your collaboration. In 2016 the Es Retina Cantabria and Es Retina Catalunya branches were established.   The association Es Retina Asturias was born as a non-profit organization of mutual aid, with the objectives mentioned in Article 2 of its statutes, which we will below transcribe: The goals of the association are aimed at protecting and/or advising, regardless of their condition of members, all those suffering from retihinosis pigmentosa and heritable degenerative retinal diseases causing blindness, their families and all thosewho, in different situations, are involved in the issue of such diseases, and aim to enhance the general interest in different civil areas: educational, scientific, cultural, health,promotion of human rights, social welfare, development cooperation, promotion of investigation, pr omotion of equal opportunities and promotion and care of people at risk of exclusion because of physical or any similar reasons  affecting them.

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