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C/ Emilio Arrieta 16-5º ofic 5 31002 PAMPLONA (Navarra)

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We are a non-profit organization which cares for people suffering from degenerative retinal diseases as well as for their families. The association Retina Navarra is a platform to exchange experiences and new openings, in which we will be delighted to welcome you. We seek mutual collaboration between patients and professionals. We promote inclusive leisure and universal affordability. The association Retina Navarra was established in order to take fully part in the social life of the Community of Navarre, working to accomplish the following aims:

  • to intensify research on visual disorders, especially degenerative retinal diseases in order to cure these diseases and to eliminate the side effects they  cause.
  • to improve the quality of life  of families with members suffering from degenerative retinal diseases, by looking for the full development of their personal and collective abilities.
  • to work towards the full social integration of visually  impaired people, enabling them to achieve their highest personal self-sufficiency and promoting and managing projects aimed at non-discrimination, equal opportunities and universal affordability.
  • to defend the rights and interests of the visually impaired, in particular those affected by degenerative retinal diseases, paying special attention to health, education and work.
  • to be present in al institutions, organizations entities or councils in which we can work for the visually impaired people and their families, mainly those affected by  degenerative retinal diseases.

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