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The applications “Tengo Baja Visión” and “Tengo Baja Visión VR” which were created by RETINOSIS GIPUZKOA BEGISARE have become a key tool to show the way in which we,  people with low vision see, and, therefore, to increase social awareness. Now the Association has developed a new edition that contains some important improvements:

    • SYMPTOMS can be COMBINED, so we can show more accurately how we see.
    • Both applications (simulator and VR) have been FUSED in “TENGO BAJA VISIÓN”.
    • You can TAKE PHOTOS WITH LOW VISION SYMPTOMS and SHARE them on WhatsApp, social networks, etc.
    • In the SYMPTOM SIMULATOR section, you can also simulate LOSS OF SHARPENESS and
    • Just for ANDROID, for now

Download, share and rate it

The aim of social awareness is simply to support the daily lives of people with low vision and to make them feel that society understands them. If you DOWNLOAD the application and SHARE it, you will do your bit.


DOWNLOAD here: Download link

SHARE the use of the application, for instance, through the following text:

WHICH SYMPTOMS CAUSE LOW VISION? The new version of the APP “I HAVE LOW VISION” enables us to SIMULATE more accurately how people with low vision see. Do you know what TUNNEL VISION, PHOTOPHOBIA or DISTORTION is? Download it, try it by combining symptoms and rate it. Thank you for sharing this message to raise awareness in society.

RATE the application. The more ratings, the better RANKED it will get. That means that whenever a search on low vision, is made, our App will turn up among the first available options. Rate the application through Play Store. Click on SHARE in the main menu, and select the option QUALIFY THE APPLICATION.


    • Kutxa Foundation
    • Basque Government
    • Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa
    • Irizar
    • Adaki Komunikazioa

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