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Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Puerta A – Despacho 3) C/ Profesor Martín Lagos s/n – 28044 Madrid

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Acción Visión España is a non-profit organization which was born from the need to join the energies of several collectives of people with different visual pathologies suffering from Low Vision. Its purpose is to create a unitary front to give prominence, both in the community and in the administration, to the needs that this group of people requires and tha are not satisfied.   We recall that Low Vision is the grade of visual disability (no matter what pathology causes it), that restricts the execution of everyday tasks. This condition cannot be cured by glasses or contact lens, nor by medical or surgery treatment. This group includes people who,on the measuring range, have a visual acuity (VA) between 0.30 - 0.10 at the best of their eyes, or a shortening in their field of vision between 30º - 10º.   In Spain, people below these levels, are legally blind and they can join ONCE, having access in this way, to several services such as psychological support, visual rehabilitation programmes as well as technical assistance and other measures for social integration.   Unfortunately, nothing similar exists for the Low Vision community. We must know that there are more than one million people suffering from Low Vision in Spain, being the elderly people the most affected, and that the growing life expectancy makes this figure increase in a significant way.   “Fighting for a full visual ability” is our motto. That is why we have the following goals and objectives:  

  • To satisfy the needs  of people with low vision, regardless of their pathology, by promoting their autonomy.
  • To promote information, awareness and social spreading of the pathologies which
Vision España takes care of, and of the Mission, Action and Values of this organization.
  • To help to develop research on the pathologies covered by Accion Vision España.
  • To promote the creation and development of procedures in favour of the people that Accion Vision España represents.
  • To favour access to auxiliary social and health care (early stimulation, technical aids,  visual rehabilitation…) for the people suffering from low vision.
  • To meet the requirements of the legislation on labour risks concerning workers with visual disability.

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