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The Foundation Retina Spain (hereinafter FRE), which is aimed at fighting both the causes and consequences of retinal dystrophies, is a non-profit organization whose resources are assigned to the achievement of the objectives of general interest detailed in its statutes. FRE will be governed by these statutes, submitting in any case to law 50/2002 of December 26 and its implementing regulations. The purpose of FRE is to fight against any causes and consequences that Hereditary Retinal Dystrophies (hereinafter DHR`s) may have for the lives of affected people. In order to achieve these objectives, FRE may work together with those persons, individuals or legal entities, public or private, who pursue similar aims in any area of the Spanish State or beyond. The FRE is aimed at people affected by any retinal dystrophy regardless of their level of disability and place of residence, as well as their families and relatives. To this end, the Foundation will set up a data register of those affected, in accordance with the stipulations of law 15/99 on the protection of personal information. When deciding on beneficiaries of the foundation`s activities,the Board will act with impartiality and non-discrimination criteria. The activities that have been carried out by FRE are as follows:

  • to provide information and and counselling services to people suffering from hereditary retinal dystrophies (DHR) and their families.
  • to promote research on DHR
  • to raise money to promote research on DHR
  • Disseminate DHR scientific achievements.
  • Take part in scientific congresses, seminars and meetings dealing with DHR and disability in general
  • inclusive approach to new technologies, social networks,...

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